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Salesforce requires that all add-on applications and services be configured by your organization as a trusted service. There are 2 options for integrating your i-Dialogue hosted solution (chat, landing pages, or portal) with Salesforce.

Option 1) Enter username/password with security token
Option 2) Enter username/password without security token and whitelisting (trusting) your i-Dialogue IP address.


Option 1: Entering Username/Password + Security Token

This is the simplest of the 2 options and is recommended for most i-Dialogue implementations. Edit

Step 1 - My Personal Information (in Salesforce)

If you already have a Salesforce security token, then skip to Step 3.
Login to Salesforce, click on Settings, and locate the "Reset My Security Token" option under "My Personal Information". Resetting Security Token Edit

Step 2 - Reset Security Token (in Salesforce)

Click on Reset Security Token to complete the process. A new security token will be emailed to you. Reset Security Token Edit

Step 3 - Salesforce Credentials (in i-Dialogue)

Login to i-Dialogue as an Administrator and click "Salesforce Credentials" from the Site menu options.

Salesforce Integration Menu

Step 4 - Enter Salesforce integration credentials (in i-Dialogue)

Retrieve the security token from the email sent from Salesforce. Enter the Salesforce username and password with security token.
If your password = "mypassword"
And your security token = "XXXXXXXXXX"
You must enter "mypasswordXXXXXXXXXX" in place of your password
Salesforce Integration Menu
Integration is complete. Click on "Validate Credentials" to ensure the i-Dialogue application is integrated with Salesforce.
Note: If the user password is ever changed or the security token is ever reset in the future, this process must be completed. Otherwise, the i-Dialogue integration will fail.


Option 2: Entering Username/password + Adding Trusted IP Address

This option is more advanced than option 1, but ensures your i-Dialogue application can be integrated and trusted from a single IP address.


Step 1 - Login and update Network Access settings (in Salesforce)

Login to Salesforce Settings and select Network Access Salesforce Network Access


Step 2 - Add a new entry (in Salesforce)

Click on the "New" button to add the website as a trusted integration source. Add New Trusted IP


Step 3 - Add IP address (in Salesforce)

Enter the IP Address of the i-Dialogue website or portal. The IP address is located in the 30 Day trial email invitation. You may contact for assistance.
You may enter the same IP address for both the start and end IP addresses. Enter IP Address of i-Dialogue Hosted Website


Step 4 - Enter Salesforce integration credentials (in i-Dialogue)

Login to the i-Dialogue Portal Explorer as an Administrator and click credentials and enter the Salesforce API username and password to be used for website integration (security token is not required since the portal IP address is trusted). Salesforce Integration Menu

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