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Pay Pal Integration Overview

i-Dialogue supports the Pay Pal Website Payments Standard and Instant Payment Notification protocol to provide closed integration with Pay Pal.

A typical deployment scenario involves:
  • Creating a landing page that acknowledges payment completion
  • Creating a page that processes the PayPal IPN notification (this is separate from the the order completion page above)
  • Using Dialogue Script (such as a Repeater) to dynamically generate "Buy Now" or "Donate Now" links to Salesforce
  • Upon successful transaction, an Opportunity or Asset is created in Salesforce


Getting Started: Creating Web Pages


Page 1) Return URL Landing Page

  • Login to i-Dialogue and create a new page named "order-received". The full URL for this page will be
Return URL Requirements: The following items are required in order to set up Auto Return.
  • Per the PayPal user agreement, you must provide verbiage on this page that will help the buyer understand that the payment has been made and that the transaction has been completed.
  • You must provide verbiage on this page that explains that payment transaction details will be emailed to the buyer.
  • Example: Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.


Page 2) Payment Notification Handler

  • Create a second page named "payment-handler". The full URL for this page will be
  • PayPal will send payment notification to this URL (Note that this URL is separate from the page created above)
  • Add a Dialogue Script editor to the page (basic HTML template)
  • Add a PayPalHandler Control to this page and configure the PayPal email account and target record settings (such as auto-creating an Opportunity in Salesforce upon payment completion).
  • This page is now ready to handle all PayPal payment notifications and make corresponding updates in Salesforce.


Activating Pay Pal Website Payments

  • Establish a Merchant Account with Pay Pal
  • Login to Pay Pal Merchant center and Enable Website Payments
  • Click on 'My Account' then click on 'Profile'
My Account

  • Click on the "Website Payment Preferences" link
Website Payment Preferences Link

  • Enable Auto-Return by selecting "On".
  • Enter the return URL created step "Page 1" above. This is the page customers will see after submitting their payment or donation.
Website Payment Preferences

Other Settings
  • Payment Data Transfer (Optional) should be "Off"
  • Block Non-encrypted Website Payment should be "Off"
  • PayPal Account Optional should be "On"
  • Contact Telephone should be "Off"
  • Support giropay and bank transfer payments should be "Off" (unless otherwise supported)

  • Commit all changes by clicking "Save"


Activating Pay Pal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

Instant Payment Notifications, or IPN, must be activated in order for the i-Dialogue payment handler service to create Salesforce Opportunities and/or Assets when transactions are complete. IPN is also used to determine if a payment transaction is pending or was canceled.

To activate your IPN:

  • Log into your PayPal account.
  • Click on the "Profile" tab.
  • Then below "Selling Preferences" click on "Website Payment Preferences" link (see image below)
IPN Link

  • Click on "Edit" to edit the IPN settings
  • Select the checkbox to activate IPN
  • Enter the URL created in step "Page 2" above for processing payment notifications.
  • Click "Save" to commit changes
IPN Settings

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