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Login to i-Dialogue CMS as a System Administrator and locate the RSS Channels menu in the portal explorer. Right click on the menu to create a new RSS Channel, or click on an existing channel to modify it.
RSS Portal Explorer



Define a SOQL Plus Query for dynamically pulling the RSS feed records. Map relevant Salesforce object fields to their respective RSS Title, Abstract, Description, and Link fields.

Note about Links: Link field may either be an actual object field from Salesforce or a merge template. For merge templates, the {id} and {oid} strings will be replaced with the actual Salesforce record ID or Portal object IDs respectively. The link landing page is assumed to contain an Dialogue Script specifically developed for presenting the record details based on a provided object ID parameter (oid).
RSS Feed Definition


Test and Publish

Click on the "XML Preview Feed" button to verify results. Copy-and-Paste preview URL to any website or template that supports RSS subscription.

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