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i-Dialogue supports the JQuery ThemeRoller for creating custom themes (aka "skins").


Creating a Custom Theme

Note: Sites utilizing the "Themes" feature must have the following CSS reference in the page template (such as 1Column.aspx, 2Column.aspx, or 3Column.aspx).
<link href="themes/jquery/<%=PortalApplication.Instance.CurrentTheme%>/ui.all.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Step 1

Login to the i-Dialogue CMS and select "Theme" from the Site->Design menu option.


Step 2

Select the "Create your own" option.


Step 3

Use the JQuery ThemeRoller to customize theme colors, fonts, layout positioning. Click on "Download Theme" and save the ZIP file locally.


Step 4

Unzip the Theme package and drill down to the "Theme" sub-directory (the root level files and demo HTML/JS file will not be needed)


Step 5

Access your i-Dialogue CMS via FTP (or browser-based file manager) and locate the "themes/jquery" sub-folder.
Create a new folder for your custom theme and copy the contents of your custom theme (from step 4) to this location.
You may optionally add an image named 'thumbnail.png' (90x80 pixels) to the root folder of the theme for display in the CMS theme wizard. Step5
Go back to Step 1 and access the Site->Design->Theme page. Your new theme will appear. Select the theme to apply.

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