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Pre-Launch Checklist

The following items should be checked, tested, and reviewed before launching your i-Dialogue chat application. Your i-Dialogue Account Manager can help you run through this list in about 1-2 hours.

  • Have you installed the i-Dialogue portal and chat custom objects in your Salesforce instance?

  • Have you identified how i-Dialogue chat contacts will be integrated into Salesforce by reviewing the Chat-to-Lead, Chat-to-Contact, and Chat-to-Case options?

  • Have you entered the user name/password of the Salesforce user that will be used automatically synchronize web chats with Salesforce?

  • Have you branded your customer pre-chat and chat forms with your organization's branding and logo?

  • Have you defined optional information to collect during pre-chat and assessed whether the pre-chat fields should be required?

  • Do all the chat representatives user names and emails match their Salesforce login names?

  • Are you going to use the default online/offline chat images or customize your own?

  • Have you mapped the i-Dialogue Lead fields to Salesforce fields in the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) mapping tool?

  • Have you embedded the correct scripts in your web site for initiating chat? Do the scripts reference the correct department or representative?

  • Do you want the lead source for all Chat-to-Leads to be something other than "Web"? If so, add a new value to the Salesforce Lead picklist and define the desired default lead source in the portal registry (use key value Salesforce.Lead.DefaultLeadSource).

  • Have you tested and reviewed the entire web chat experience from pre-chat all the way through to Salesforce conversion?

  • Have you configured your i-Dialogue Chat dashboard in Salesforce? (The gauges have red, yellow, and green indicators that require customizing to your businesses specific goals and requirements).

  • Have you tested the chat solution with multiple browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari?

  • Is the i-Dialogue Salesforce integration service running? Login as admin and click on the Salesforce node to active the synchronization service?

  • Do you want the synchronization service to run at a frequency other than 60 minutes (default)? If so, contact your i-Dialogue Account Manager and ask for assistance or update the web.config file SFORCE_MODULE_INTERVAL setting in the root of your chat portal.


Customization Guide

Please refer to our Customization Guide for detailed information and instructions regarding i-Dialogue Chat.

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