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Localization is a powerful way to reach out Globally with your website to clients and customers by translating a product into different languages or adapting a language for a specific country or region.


Step 1 – Setup SiteMap

a. Setup your SiteMap for different Locales by creating a alternative page for each language being localized.
b. Refer to our tutorial Creating Your First Webpage.
c. Create the following Home-*.aspx pages under /Root
  • English (en) Home-en.aspx
  • Español (es) Home-es.aspx
  • Français (fr) Home-fr.aspx
  • Deutsch (de) Home-de.aspx


Step 2 – Login to Localize

a. Login as a Site Administrator
b. Select "Localize" from the Page Options menu


Step 3 – Page Settings : Localize

a. Refer to counterpart pages for each language added in step 1.If selected Language = English, Type 'Home' in display menu title then click add.
b. Select the Culture Code Redirect URL, and then select a redirect page.
Localize Settings


Step 4 – Language Control Toolbar

a. Add the language control toolbar to the page templates created in step 1.

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