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In this tutorial you will learn how to add and edit content to an existing Web Page.


Step 1 - Login to Add Content

a. Login as a Site Administrator
b. Navigate to the page you where you would like to add content.
c. Click on "Add Content" from the CMS Toolbar.


Step 2 - Type of Content

a. Select the type one of the content to add to your web page.
b. Select where to add the layout.
c. To Save, click the Add Content button.
Add Content


Step 3 - Edit Content

a. Click on Edit to make changes to content.
Edit Page


Step 4 - Content Editor

a. Maximize the Content Editor to add or edit your content easily.
b. To view your content click Preview.
c. Apply your content by clicking Save.
Rich Text Editor


Video - Content Editor Walkthrough

  • We have a Video demonstration as well! This Video contains No Audio.

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