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Dialogue Script : Google Map

Modified: 2008/03/25 18:21 by jerry - Categorized as: Dialogue Script
The Google Map Control is a recent development for the I-Dialogue scripting language.

GoogleKey: Specifies your google api key which can be found @ Google Map API. It is recommended that you use the root domain so that you can have the google map anywhere on the site.

GoogleUrl: Although not presently necessary, this value can be manually set in the event that the url for the google maps api were to change.

Data is acquired via SOQL+, and allows a user to specify the data they wish to retrieve; this could be from leads, contacts, or account. The object does not matter so long as it contains a complete address for the google map to look up. The simplest queries you could perform would be "Select * From Lead", "Select * From Contact", "Select * from Account". However, you may also use "Select * From {object type} where {property} = 'foo'"
  • NOTE: According to Google, it is not recommended to have more than 200 markers on a map at any given time; this will likely cause slowdown.

EnableCaching: True(Default) or False.

CacheContainer: Values are application(Default) or session. Application will use the cache for all users, session allows each individual user to have their own cache.

CacheDurationMinutes: Set how long the cache is valid before destroying it and getting fresh results. Currently defaults to 2 hours (120minutes).

<ItemTemplate>: The text & data to display is written here. Currently there is not a default template. You may specify the properties that you wish to display by writing <ItemTemplate> {Your code goes here}</ItemTemplate>

The pipe symbols | is used to declare a salesforce property for a salesforce object.
  • EG: |Name| You must have a beginning and ending |

AddressField: If the Salesforce account has a single field that combines street address, city, state etc.. then the other fields are not necessary.

The following are only necessary if there is not a complete Address Field

StreetField, CityField, StateField, ZipCodeField, CountryField: Work like AddressField in that you specify the name of the salesforce property. EG: BillingStreet (if that was the name of the salesforce property) would be assigned to StreetField

Width: Specify the width of the GoogleMap. Default is 400pixels.

Height: Specify the Height of the GoogleMap. Default is 400pixels.


<dlog:googlemap Id="GoogleMap1" GoogleKey="ABQIAAAA4S6CZAyxoaBjHJK21c6ExRTYSjMtTe9LA8MboWNOgZIXLtFRpRSGvH-bthBgXluJp5Pag8Vxdzhobw" AddressField="BillingAddress" StreetField="BillingStreet" CityField="BillingCity" StateField="BillingState" ZipCodeField="BillingPostalCode" CountryField="BillingCountry" SOQL="select top 10 * from account">

<ItemTemplate>Name: |Name| Address: |BillingCity|</ItemTemplate>


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