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The following payment gateway values are configured on the Configuration Settings page

eCommerce.PaymentGateway.Provider Valid values include, GlobalCollect, and PayPal.
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.TestUrl The payment gateway URL used for testing.
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.ProductionUrl The payment gateway URL used for production (live transactions).
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.Mode Determines which URL to use for processing transactions. Valid values include Test or Production. Default = 'Test'
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.MerchantID The merchant ID on record with the payment gateway provider.
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.Server.IPAddress The IP Address of the i-Dialogue service where transactions will be sent from.
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.APILogin The login name used for accessing the API.
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.APIPassword The password used for accessing the API (Note: this value may be encrypted for certain gateways. See gateway specific configuration for details).
eCommerce.PaymentGateway.APITransactionKey The payment gateway transaction key (Required when
eCommerce.MaxFailedTransactionAttempts Default=3. The maximum number of failed transaction attempts allowed by the payment gateway.

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