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Dialogue Script : RadioButtonList

<dlog:RadioButtonList id={unique RadioButtonList ID} fieldname={object field name} param={CGI param} CssClass={CSS class}>

Displays a dynamic string from a Salesforce record or URL parameter.

id: (Required) A unique identifier for the control. Multiple radio button lists displaying the same field may be used on a page, but each RadioButtonList control must have a unique ID.

fieldname: (Required) The Salesforce custom field name to be displayed.

param: (optional) Populates the label from a URL parameter. For example, the "fname" parameter in the URL mypage.aspx?fname=Francis may be accessed and displayed using the following RadioButtonList syntax:
<dlog:RadioButtonList id="RadioButtonList1" param="fname"></dlog:RadioButtonList>

CssClass: (Optional) Reference to a Cascading Style Sheet class for defining presentation of control.

objectname: (Optional) Reference to the Salesforce object name (if different than the object defined in the script editor).

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Hello <dlog:RadioButtonList id="RadioButtonList1" fieldname="FirstName"></dlog:RadioButtonList>,

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