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The 'go.aspx' redirector provides a publicly accessible interface for logging link clicks. The go redirector may be used to track requests for any Internet URL and is not limited to i-Dialogue hosted content.

Examples of using the go redirector:
  • Tracking link clicks in emails
  • Tracking link clicks on web pages
  • Logging custom events in response to a link click

Example Usage:
<h1>Email Template Header</h1>
<a href=' ID)&go='>Click here to learn more</a>

Embedding the link above in an email template will result in tracking all clicks on the link. If the Salesforce cloud connector is installed, then the event will appear as a 'WebEvent' in Salesforce.

Supported Parameters

uid: A portal profileID or Salesforce Lead/Contact ID. If the Authentication.Go.AutoAuthenticateEnabled Configuration Setting is 'true', then the user defined by 'uid' is automatically authenticated into the portal prior to redirection (potentially a security hole. Only recommended for use in landing page or eMarketing profiling campaigns).

go: The redirection URL. Use a pipe '|' instead of '?' in URLs that require additional CGI params to avoid conflict with go redirector '?'

e: The name of the event to be logged using a Noun_Verb convention, such as Link_Click, Document_View, CaseStudy_Click.

nid: Notification ID. The unique i-Dialogue ID generated for each email notification.

cid: Campaign ID (GUID)

status or 's': If the go redirector event is related to a Campaign, then the status param identifies the Campaign Member status to be logged.

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