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Double opt-in email campaigns require customers to initiate 2 separate interactions before gaining access to portal materials or receiving email newsletters.

A double opt-in filter will also prevent malicious attempts to subscribe people to email newsletters that they do not wish to receive.

A typical double opt-in campaign executes with the following flow of events: 1) Customer submits a web form requesting more information or a newsletter. Opt In status is set to 'false' by default. 2) Customer receives an email asking them to confirm their request. 3) Customer clicks on confirmation link and Email Opt In status is converted to true.

To create a double opt-in campaign:

1) Create a web form. Select the checkbox 'Opt-Out from future emails on enroll'.
2) Create an auto-responder series with 1-N responses. The first email in the auto-responder must contain a link in the following format:
<a href="http://[portal domain]/go.aspx?uid=#Profile.ProfileID#&optin=1&go=[Redirect URL]>Click here to activate your subscription</a>

3) Create a Dialogue rule that associates a segment (such as 'Everyone') with an auto-responder series.
4) Drag the Dialogue rule onto the web form.
5) Create a landing page to be viewed by customers upon opt-in (identified as Redirect URL in step 2).

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