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In this tutorial you will learn how to add, edit, or delete an Email Template. Templates are useful for developing canned responses to frequently asked questions.


Step 1 – Login to View Email Template Settings

a. Login as a Site Administrator
b. Select "Admin Settings" from the Site menu
Site - Admin Settings Menu


Step 2 – Manage Email Templates

a. Access the Email templates menu option from the Emails menu.
b. To add a new Email template, Expand the Emails menu and click on a existing template.
c. Type in the New Email Title in the "Email Title" field and click save changes.
Emails Menu


Step 3 – Add HTML and Text

a. Click on the new Email Title you created in the Portal Explorer.
b. Update the Subject and Email Name/address.
b. Cut and paste your HTML code in to the HTML Body. Alternatively you can type your content in the Text Body area.
Email Template


Step 4 – Preview and Save Changes

a. Click Preview to view your email template.
a. Click "Save Changes" Button to save.
c. To test your new email template, Click on "Send Test Email".
Send Test Email


Step 5 – Additional Template Options

a. You can Track link clicks and Auto-authenticate on link by clicking on the checkbox.
b. Merge from another template by selecting the "Available Merge Templates" pull down menu.
Available Merge Templates

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